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C.F. Grass Consulting is the premier provider of syndicated marketing research in the animal health and seed/crop science markets. We provide the best access, content, and experience in these specialized markets.  We understand these specialized markets because we have worked in all facets of them.  We not only understand them - we have solutions to help you and your organization understand them as well.

C.F. Grass Consulting is celebrating its 19th year.  We are proud to have helped over 40 industry leading companies better understand their markets and customers.  

C.F. Grass Consulting will help you gain market share.  Any researcher can tell you whether or not something is statistically significant.  We will tell you what those numbers mean in terms of sales gain or market share potential.  We'll tell you why customers buy brands and what they think about your brand.  We can provide you with a customized list of opportunities to grow your business and we can do it today!

C.F. Grass Consulting is the unofficial animal health and seed market historian.  We have a huge archive of branding, product volume, sales, and market share data.  For most categories we, can provide this type of intelligence for more than 10 years!